sobota, 2 stycznia 2010

New Kit is Coming!!!

My new kit is for all cats enthusiasts :)
I love cats, I have 4 - one black and three gray.

my pages from this kit
Do You love cats, too?
Do You have win my kit?
Leave me a little comment- do you like cats, or do you have cats at home?
Soon I will return the finished kit and I will select 3 winners, who receive from me this kit!!!
...and a small surprise for anyone who joins to followers on my blog:)))
I invite you, really worth!!!

5 komentarzy:

  1. Amisza przepięknie zrobiłaś scrapy z kotem :)
    pozdrawiam nanazoli

  2. Witaj Amisza! Z sympatii znów tu zaglądam :)
    Ja również uwielbiam koty! Mam w domu dwa śliczne kociaki: szaro-białe dachowce. Są lubiane przez wszystkich domowników i bez nich brakowałoby czegoś...
    Śliczne LO!
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam i życzę samych sukcesów i pięknych dni w Nowym Roku :D

  3. Hi! I love cats since I was young! My Grand-Mother used to call me "La mère aux chats" wich means the mother of cats. I live in a big house and I have the chance to have 9 cats. One big black cat who's name is Capitaine Phoebus, one is white and red who's name is Monsieur Midas after comes Pénélope who's a persan écaille de tortue diluée, Hermione who's a himalayen Blue point, Pirouline who's a persan Chinchilla, Perline all black is a Scottish-Foldex, Lover who's a persan Shaded Silver, and finally Mister Lesley McReady who's a Scottish-Foldex. I could spend hours talking about them and their babys! We have a little girl 5 month and is called Lindy a nice persan black tabby. I have also two 3 months blue persans and a 3 months Scottish-foldex and 5 newborns Himalayens from Hermione. My husbans loves cats as much as I do. I just started a few months ago to srap pictures of my cats. It helps me to sale the babys and I like it a lot. Your blog is beautiful and so are your cats! Thank's to read me. Bye, Lucie Gamache.

  4. I have two furry fur balls named Squirt and Scooter! I used to have 8! Yep I was that cat lady! But my friends loved them as much as I did and they found happy homes, expect for my my two favorites. :) I love cats and animals and love the pages from your kit. Hugs, Jessica

  5. Your catdesigns are gorgeous!! We also have four cats.


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