poniedziałek, 30 sierpnia 2010

Freebie is coming!!!

Hello, hello, hello!!!
September 1st is my cute black cat's Birthday! I celebrate this day and I prepared for you surpise:)
please, visit my blog in Wednesday!!!

piątek, 27 sierpnia 2010


Kit "Vintage Wine" goes to
Dorothy Marie

please send me e-mail (amisza@onet.eu)

thanks for all comments!

I invite you September 1!!!
It's my black cat's Birthday :)
I have surprise for you!!!


wtorek, 24 sierpnia 2010

Vintage Wine and Freebie

My new Kit is at the shop ;)
"Vintage Wine" includes 100 elements and 12 papers.


If you like this kit, please leave me a little comment. I come back a few days and choose 2 winners! good luck!

Lo's of my CT Stars

and Freebie for You ;)


czwartek, 19 sierpnia 2010

New CU

Hi Everybody!
My new CU is at the shop.
Pack includes:
1 paper
14 elements
I invite you to DMS:)


and now...Freebie CU for You.
1 paper and 4 elements
I hope you like it;)


I wish you a nice day!

wtorek, 17 sierpnia 2010


I drew two winners.
Kit "Seaside Holidays" goes to...

Lee Davis

please send me e-mail (amisza@onet.eu)

thank you for all comments and visit!
I invite you a few days, will be another surprise;)


czwartek, 12 sierpnia 2010

*NEW NEW NEW* and Freebie

Hello Everybody!
I hope you have wonderful holidays:)
I done for you holidays kit " Seaside Holidays"
Kit includes 115 elements and 9 papers.
I hope you like it;)

You can Buy it at DMS

at the shop you can buy ,too
If You like my new kit, and if you want to win it, leave me a little comment.
I come back soon and choose 2 winners.
Good luck!

Lo's of my CT
Lo by dida1357

Lo by Moni

Lo by Moni

Lo by Svetlanka

Lo by Svetlanka

Lo by Shulyansky

Lo by Magnolia2907

Lo by Magnolia2907

Lo by lieschen

Lo by Kizzy

Lo by Katarzyna Anna

LO by Juliette

Lo by Jacqueline

Lo by dziuniaf

Lo by anndahl

Lo by annave
Lo by Tadeasek

and Freebie for You:)
I hope you like it!
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