środa, 2 lutego 2011

thank you...

This was a very difficult month for me.
First, the death of Magnus :(
At the beginning of the new year there was a fire :(
And then I got sick with flu and pneumonia :(
OMG, too many bad things......
Thank you very much for your comments and e-mails with warm words, thoughts and prayers.
Your words helped me a lot!!! Thanks soooo much!

I got a RAK from Angel Jet with a photo of my beloved Magnus.I was moved!
This Lo is sooo beautiful!

ohhh, dear Henriette thank you very, very much!!!! I love You!!!

Lisah & Angel Jet (girls from digiworld) helped me a lot. They love animals like me and
understand perfectly well what I felt when Magnus gone forever....
Both survived the death of its pups therefore, to understand me so well !
thank you my Friends!


2 komentarze:

  1. Sweetie, I wished I could help more!
    For now, there were so many bad things in the first month of 2011 for you, I'm sure it will turn into some good months!
    Magnus will be in your heart for ever and the pain of missing him will be less hurtfull in time. Big hugs!!!

  2. What an amazing memorial page of Magnus! I'm sorry things have been difficult for you these last weeks..sometimes life can really throw us off! I wish you the best


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